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It’s halfway through Easter Break. The first 5 weeks of Uni was….exhausting. But now it’s the holidays and I get to bake. However, I’m staying with my cousins up in Auckland (I live in Wellington) and there’s only so much baking I can do without all of my tools, recipe books, not to mention the fact that I’m staying with an adorable 4-month-old baby…

So while I had my first successful baking post yesterday (yummy chocolate cupcakes which my cousins and I have been gorging ourselves on), I was at a loss of what to post today. And what should come up on my Google Reader, but a post from one of my favourite blogs giving ideas on blog posts!

When I get home to Wellington, I plan to spend the remainder of my holiday planning my party (I’m turning 18 soon and I have to buy a dress, shoes and party decorations), and baking! But for now, check out my list of my favourite foods:

Top Ten Foods (At this point in time):

  • Chilli Con Queso = My Dad makes this for me quite a lot (often the result of me begging him to make it…) and I just cannot get enough of it. Melted cheese and chilli = YUM. I think it goes with everything – I’ve dipped corn chips in it, put it on bread and crackers, and have plans to try it with pasta, popcorn and my favourite spicy chicken nibbles. I will post the recipe next time I make it.
  • Spinach and Pumpkin Lasagne = My friend and I made this at her house for dinner a couple of months ago, and I loved it so much I’ve made it four times since then. The thing is, I’m not normally a fan of spinach. Or pumpkin. But together, they are amazing! Again, recipe will come soon.
  • Gelato = I’m addicted to this stuff. Here in Wellington, there’s an amazing Gelato shop called Kaffee Eis. They have a huge variety of flavours, and I think I’ve tried every single one. I’ve made Gelato myself a few times, but no matter where it comes from, I love it. I will always love Lemon – there’s nothing better on a hot day than a refreshing scoop of tangy, tart Lemon gelato. But, I find myself cheating on Lemon with what I consider to be the best combination: Chocolate and Raspberry. YUM!
  • Pasta = Will forever hold a place in my heart. Macaroni and cheese. Creamy chicken. But most of all, Carbonara. It’s that perfect combination of parmesan, eggs, and bacon that makes this dish delicious.
  • Spicy Chicken = Of any sort. Marinaded, crispy, drumsticks or nibbles. I love spicy food, and this definately extends to chicken. I tend to be more a fan of the kind with a cruncy coating – I make drumsticks that are soaked in a spicy marinade and then coated in crunchy, spicy breadcrumb/cornflake coating. These could make any problem go away.

And there you have it! These are a few of my favourite things, which will most likely crop up again. And again… 🙂