In the kitchen with Tallulah

Welcome to A Spoonful of Yum!

I’m Tallulah, an almost 18-year-old living in Windy Wellington. By day, I’m a first year student at Victoria University of Wellington, majoring in Anthropology. By night, I’m a nanny/baker/reader/sleeper. When I’m not studying I try to spend as much time as I can cooking and baking.

I joined the baking bandwagon fairly young, helping Mum and Dad make cakes and biscuits (read: lick the bowl) for as long as I can remember. I started helping to ice birthday cakes from the time I could hold a spatula, started designing cakes from the age of 11, and started getting cookbooks, oven mitts, aprons and other kitchen tools for birthdays from age 12. I don’t think a year has gone by that I haven’t received something cooking related since then. The baking obsession grew when I started to make cakes, biscuits and everything sweet in my spare time. I made something sweet for nearly every school shared lunch, and started making all of the “special occasion” cakes in my family. Baking and cake decorating are a passion of mine: I took classes, I subscribe to blogs, I covet and buy fancy tools, I have a baking drawer and a box filled with cupcake holders, one of my favourite shows is Ace of Cakes, and I frown at people who don’t know the difference between cupcakes and muffins.

The other passion is cooking. My Dad is a chef, and I always loved (and still do) helping him cook and having him teach me everything he knows. He’s taught me the basics and for the last few years, I’ve been cooking on my own, experimenting with new flavours and recipes. I love to cook and to eat, and I tend to spend a lot of my time flagging mouth-watering recipes that I can’t wait to cook.

I started A Spoonful of Yum because after a year of savouring the words and works of some wonderful food blogs, I want to join the ranks of the foodies. I want to share the recipes I invent, and comment on the ones I try. Also, I’m hoping that this blog will be a way for me to cook and bake regularly – because try as I might to cook as often I can, life gets in the way.

So join me, laugh when I make countless fails in the kitchen, and (hopefully) cheer when I succeed. The way I see it, delicious food doesn’t taste nearly as good if you don’t have people to share it with.



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